Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy® DVD

lose-mummy-tummyt-singleLearn All the Exercises to Lose Your Mummy Tummy!  Invaluable to the process!

Order Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy® DVD @ $25.00

6 Responses to “Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy® DVD”

  1. dawn

    If I cannot make it to the workshops, will the DVD have the necessary instruction to fix my minor diastasis recti? Thank you.

    • Bonnie Wayne

      Some people like to try it on their own and it is doable! If you want to touch base with a licensee, then you will need to let me know where you are located so I can point you in the right direction. I do Skype sessions that mimic my private clients for those who don’t live near a licensee. You will need to “contact me” for more information on this. Also I do private sessions and workshops in person. Since this is a little trickier subject matter, it can immensely help to see someone in person either via Skype or for sessions or workshop in person.

  2. riki

    How do I contact you to find a licensee near me? I had twins 5 1/2 months ago and would really like to get my tummy back to normal!


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