Surgery best option? Diastasis Recti too large? Tupler Technique® Better!

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An email I received this week:


I’ve had numerous consultations with general surgeons. Two out of three doctors consider my situation as an incisional hernia and recommend surgery. The other surgeon said it’s technically abdominal wall laxity or Diastasis Recti. The latest CT scan shows 8 cm wide and 10 cm long. Have you worked with anyone with these measurements or larger? Would I still be a candidate for your program and benefit? I’m hoping so, I would like to avoid surgery since I would like to start planning a family soon. However, I would like your professional opinion. If you believe surgery is the better option for my situation or if I can avoid it and still have a normal pregnancy.


My response to her:

I have worked with many severe diastasis with amazing results.  Just today I had a mom who was a 12.5 fingerwidth diastasis (almost 18 centimeters!) with very deep connective tissue and a very large hernia.  She brought it down to a 3 fingerwidth diastasis (measuring now 2.5 cm from 18 cm = down 15.5 cm!!), 70% improvement of connective tissue, and a 60% reduction in the hernia JUST in 5 weeks over the span of the workshop.  I have worked with hundreds of 10 cm + diastasis with also amazing results.
Also, I will tell you most Surgeons will recommend surgery because that’s what they are trained to do.  Most Doctors refer to a surgeon because thats what they are trained to do.  60 – 70% of the clients I see have seen 1 or more surgeons and were referred to  have surgery.  In that time, there is only 1 client I would have passed on to a surgeon – she had a 22 cm diastasis recti, and 9 VERY LARGE hernias, as her connective tissue was shredded.  Even then she made improvement, has not had to get surgery, and is progressing.  (MY SIDE NOTE)  In fact, that client just talked with me today telling me that ALL NINE HERNIAS are now behind the connective tissue, which means they are in fact NO LONGER HERNIAS – THEY HAVE BEEN REVERSED!  Considered individually 3 of the 9 hernias were 4 inches X 6 inches that is amazing!
The body will recognize a natural solution much more than an artificial cutting and sewing.  We get into all that at the workshop as well 🙂


(Pictures of this said mama’s amazing results shortly to come!)

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    Hello. Any follow up pictures of this mama? I’d love to see them.


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