I do Skype sessions to mimic my private clients.

The first session I recommend 45 min. session

The second session I recommend 30 min session

The third session I recommend 15 min session

During the 1st session
we measure [the client] in all three areas, teach you the BAKS basics, make
sure your technique is accurate, assess your transverse strength (innermost
abdominal muscle with pulls the recti together with the technique we use) and
go over movements and exercises to avoid, as well as do. I also have you
measure your waist and splint your abs if needed. If you already have a
splint (recommended) than I make sure are putting it on correctly during the
Skype session. A 45 minute session is recommended for this one, which is
what you purchased.

During the 2nd session, we advance the versions of the exercises and teach you
to isolate different areas of your diastasis recti and start encorporating arm
and leg exercises with the transverse exercises, an essential skill for future
workouts. A 25 minute Skype session is recommended for this one.

During the 3rd session, we continue to advance the versions of the exercises
and continue to isolate the areas of your D.R. and encorporate everything into
a full body workout you can continue to do to progress. A 15
minute to 25 minutes Skype session is recommended for this one.
My Skype rates are as follows:

15 minutes:  $30

30 minutes:  $50

45 minutes:  $70

This will allow us to cover the necessary material and to verify your technique is correct.

You also need to measure your diastasis (a little unnerving at first – but it will be very good to get to know your own body this way to keep track of your progress):


is an excellent article that includes info on how to measure your OWN diastasis.  After you read it – just add this tip:

when you lay down on your back (knees bent), then put your fingers right at the belly button, when you lift your head to measure how many fingerwidths wide the gully is, make sure you JUST BARELY lift your head – usually just 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.

Let me know what you measure and I can let you know if you need an abdominal splint, which you can also get on my site


Once you are read I send over a paypal invoice as soon as you are ready so we can begin.

You can let me know if morning, mid afternoon or nights are a good time for you to Skype.

I will send over what you need to print out, what to have ready for the Skype appointment, and other details after we are scheduled.