Diastasis Splint

Get the RIGHT SiZE!
Measure the circumference of your body over your belly button.  Do this measurement in the evening when your belly is the largest.  Your muscles should be relaxed when you measure.
Extra Small:  24-27”
Small:  28 – 34”
Medium:  35- 38
Large:  39 – 42”
Extra Large: 43-52”
If you are one inch from the smaller size and you are trying to decide if you should go with the  go with the smaller size. Measure your back size.  This measurement is across your back from one underarm to the other underarm.  It is important that the pad not be too big for you.  It should not rest on the front of your belly.  So if your circumference is 28” and your back measures 10 to 12” then you should go with the extra small.  If your circumference measure 35” and your back measures 13-16” then go with a small.  If your circumference is 9” and your back measure 17 to 19” then go with a large. In other words if you have anarrow back, go with the smaller size.
If you get the Splint and it is too small, you can sew a piece of hook Velcro at the end of each arm to make it longer.  It will probably fit you in a couple of weeks o wearing it and doing the exercises.  If it is too large you can make a hem in the length of each arm.
During pregnancy, you may want to get a larger splint, hem the arms and let it out as your belly gets larger.
If you do not have a measuring tape, measure with a piece of strong and theeasure the strong with a ruler.
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Purpose of the Diastasis Rehab Splint®

Manually brings the two halves of the muscles together Puts the connective tissue in a better position to heal Makes the Tupler Technique® exercises more effective

Problems when wearing a splint

The area being splinted is a difficult area to splint because it is betweentwo sets of bones. The ribcage on top and the pelvis on the bottom. So it will be difficult to keep it in place. Wearing it over a fitted undergarment seems to help! To get the full benefit of the splint, it is important to take it off and put it back on at least 3 or 4 times a day. The more you pull the muscles together, the faster the connective tissue will heal. Know that you will have to adjust the splint. If you are short waisted or have large hips it will be more difficult to keep it in place.

When you bring the two halves of the muscles together your belly may bulge out on the bottom. This is normal. In week 4 of the program you will be double splinting ( wearing a splint and also holding a splint) You can then work on pulling together the muscles in this area.

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash
  • Air dry

Wearing Instructions

  • Wear all the time except while bathing
  • Can be worn over a fitted undergarment or directly on skin
  • To hold in place better always move with a flat back