Dry Brushing for Diastasis Recti Issues, Revitalize Abdominal Skin Tautness, C-section numbness!


Is there a 3 FOLD APPROACH to helping abdominal skin post diastasis recti,helping tautness, helping numbness, and stimulating the nerve endings on a “turned off muslce”?



This has got to be one of the number one questions I get apart from diastasis and hernia questions. After pregnancy the skin can lose skin integrity.  When I work with people who bring their diastasis recti together and lose inches in the waist, the inevitable next question is – ok, what about the skin.  I do recommend both Emu oil and Coconut (the GOOD stuff – I like Tropical Traditions brand personally) in tandem, or Diastasis Rehab has a great connective tissue cream with a really great formulation.  But there has to more than JUST a topical approach to skin.


I work with many clients who have had C-sections.  Some have  numbness from 2 weeks Post C-section to 20+ YEARS!!  When we do exercises that work the transverse, if the lower section is not responding we have them poke the muscle, brush the muscle with different kinds of bristles of brushes to stimulate the nerve endings to send messages to the brain it needs to be worked. Different textures stimulate the nerve endings differently.


For ANYONE who has been pregnant – when you can’t see a muscle, like when the belly gets bigger with pregnancy, the brain can literally turn the muscle off because you can’t “see” it (at least while looking down) and  and can become disconnected with the whole area.  The brain often needs some “additional info” to convince it that it still needs to send messages to the lower abs after it takes a break by turning it off, or gets the muscle fibers cut, as in a C-section.


AHA!  Something that can take these areas of weakness and bring them together.

I have been hearing about dry brushing for the past several years but did not look into it seriously for belly benefits until one of my clients mentioned how much it helped her post C-section.

I did some research about dry brushing – some ins and outs – here are some of the articles I read and liked:




The Benefits of Dry Brushing

10 Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin


Of course, there are also other benefits as well – detoxing, stimulating the lymph system, eliminating other skin issues, helps circulation.

Did I mention it only takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes per day to do?! Yeah, that’s VERY little investment for some great potential!  In the diastasis world – it helps with THREE THINGS at the same time – the skin tautness, mind-body connection, and stimulates nerve endings post C section if there is numbness (make sure to be careful around the scar area).


This is the one I got – less than $10.





*The one addendum I would make to the chart above is to do a clockwise motion also on the abdomen in the middle as that will help stimulate digestion as well.

ENJOY the journey of Dry Brushing!!


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