We do the same thing in workshops as we do privately, its just cheaper and you can do this with friends!

                                                    ABOUT THE WORKSHOPS

·         This program is 4-6 weeks in length:  6  hours of instruction broken up into 3 sessions

·         Learn what a diastasis is and how it creates the “Mummy Tummy”

·         You will be given a strategy to meet individual abdominal needs, based on your diastasis

·         Weekly check-ins, updates, and motivation from your instructor

·         Unlimited access to your instructor via email, phone,  text, and skype

                                        LEARN THE FOLLOWING:

·         Basic anatomy of the abdominals – how they are effected by a diastasis recti

·         How to:

1.      Close the diastasis, flatten the belly, heal connective tissue, reverse hernias, rectify belly button issues and shrink the waistline

2.      Splint the abdominals to approximate the two halves of the recti together- free splint fitting

3.      Perform B.A.K.S. exercises properly – the Tupler Technique® foundation

4.      Get up and down correctly; learn what movements to do and NOT to do

·         Each person will be measured for a diastasis and waist in 3 different areas, connective tissue evaluation, hernia evaluation, before and pics, and a personalized assessment for fastest results, and a follow up measurements, evaluations, and before and after pics at the last class to check progress.

Before After Cost $135   Email bonniewayne1177@hotmail.com or go to www.beautifulafterthebelly.com


Get together your own workshop for a discounted price**

**must be 8 people or more

**must have a location such as a basement or area where we can fit 10 yoga mats comfortably

**If you have 10 people you each get $20 discount on the registration

**If you have 12 people you each get $30 discount on the registration fee

**If you have 14 people or more you each get $35 discount on the registration fee

**must have 3 dates around 2 to 3 weeks apart each that works for the group