AMAZING HERNIA REVERSAL and Diastasis Recti Repair during 4 week workshop!!

My favorite thing about doing workshops is the before and after results!!
I see some of the most amazing things!!


4 weeks later
4 weeks later






Week 1







Week 4





3 S/M


NH was told by several surgeons and doctors that SURGERY was the only answer for her hernia.  Of course!  This is the easiest thing in the world for a doctor to tell ANYONE with a hernia.  However, what they DONT tell you is you can fix a hernia was SPECIFIC INTRINSIC EXERCISES which all of my blog readers now know fondly as Seated Tupler Contraction exercises!! 

Also, what THEY don’t tell you is that hernia surgery has a HIGH REOCCURANCE rate for the return of hernia – some say 50%, some say as much as EVENTUALLY 100%…not to mention the not so fun part of RISK OF INFECTION, and STILL not really addressing the problem!!!! 

The problem being WEAK CONNECTIVE TISSUE because of a Diastasis Recti – or split in the Recti muscles.  This client with practically NO FAT ON HER BODY – had a severe diastasis of 7 D.  Anytime your recti are separated to a 7, you have a HIGH RISK of a hernia because its so easy for the thinned out connective tissue to get a tear or imperfection and part of an internal organ will pop through.

You can see you close the bottom and top parts of her diastasis recti completely (technically they were 1/8 to 1/4 of a fingerwidth – almost imperceptible – so I am calling them closed)  The middle  you can see went from 7 DEEP connective tissue, to 3 Moderate to Shallow connective tissue – which is a huge improvment in just FOUR WEEKS.  Any surgeon or doctor would tell you this is NOT POSSIBLE.   Also, note the WAISTLINE!!  I measure 3 places for the waistline – 3 inches above belly button, at belly button, and 3 inches below belly button – corresponding EXACTLY to where we measure the diastasis – really giving a full picture of the changes going on.  3 inches ABOVE the belly button, she lost SEVEN INCHES in just 4 weeks!  UNBELiEVaBLE!!  She also lost 3 inches AT the waist – though in the pics it looks like more to me.  

And CHECK OUT WHAT DID happen to her hernia.  You would REALLY ASK – WHAT HERNIA?????  Based on the latter pics.  It has completely reversed.  She says her friends and family are amazed, knowing how many doctors she consulted, knowing how far the belly button had been protruding…and in only FOUR WEEKS!!!  I am guessing by the time I have my follow up with this client in a month, her diastasis will have completed healing, her belly skin adjusted to the smaller belly, her waist in another 2 inches at the waistline.  That is a total of 10 inches across the midsection in Four weeks – and cosmetically INFINITELY BETTER!  No more taping of the belly button!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with women who have hernias.  Since I have reversed two of my own, including ONE WHEN I WAS 6 months PREGNANT with #4.
I have a particular fondness for helping people reverse theirs.  I would estimate approximately 60 to 70% of my clients currently have a hernia.  Maybe only half of those knew they had one  because many have never asked their physicians about it, or just thought that was “just what their belly looked like after having a baby.”

So, how did NH achieve these results???  This client did the program RELIGIOUSLY – she followed the Diastasis Rehab® Guidebook (can be purchased here on my site – right hand side) to the tee.  She wore her Diastasis Rehab® Splint and did ALL OF HER SETS OF EXERCISES.

Do you have a hernia?  Have you seen doctors and surgeons for it?  Does your belly button look odd?  Do you have burning or bulging around your belly or belly button?  If so, you probably have a hernia!!  There IS a natural way to heal your body and you HAVE the ability!!

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  1. Sylph Child

    I LOVE your blog, you are an absolute blessing to women! I found your article about reversing your hernia. I have an umbilical hernia, I’ve had it for 3 years I’d say, and you’ve shined a light on me! God bless you!! I thought I could never have kids, but I am now embracing the new hope that you bring! Mine hurts me sometimes, my posture stinks I know it, and I work in an office all day. I def. need your help to try to heal this! Mine is like a fingertip width, I am thin, so I know it’s just weakness in the tissue. I want to do the program so badly!

  2. Sylph Child

    To answer the rest of this, I am 26, I have seen 2 surgeons, one who was so rude and said surgery is the only option, and another who was nice enough to say it is small, don’t do anything about it now. It feels sore sometimes, but especially when I am stressed out. When it bulges out, I can push it back in. I don’t exercise except walking about 4 miles daily. Mine is right above the belly button! Thanks for your insights and knowledge!
    -Grateful fan

  3. Osmara

    I did aqua aerobics with all 3 of mine with the first I did as class just days bfoere he was born. I walked with all 3 too, and with my third, swam laps. I had gestational diabetes with him and I know the swimming really helped. it was nice to feel weightless too


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